PYOG’s TinkerGarden WordPress (Website) Training Course – Location : New Orleans, LA

This course is on WordPress CMS(website) tools.

First Phase of 3D Game Training

Overview of using WordPress to build web-pages


  • Website Setup (Domain & Server required)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Site Outline Wireframe Planning
  • WordPress UI
  • Adding Media
  • Adding Pages
  • Managing S.E.O.
  • Blogging
  • Adding Plugins


We focus on getting up and running fast using WordPress to install, and customize a new website. Next we focus on layout and mapping of UI to design a scheme for user movement. We continue by adding pages, inserting media, managing posts, building a menu, and review page discussion. Finally review S.E.O. strategies blogging and adding plugins to extend functionality.

Server & Domain subscription required (optional server subscriptions.)