PYOG’s TinkerGarden Video and Broadcasting Class – Location : New Orleans, LA

The 2 phase Video and Broadcasting Training

First we learn basic video editing to able to clip footage and effects.

Video editing & broadcasting course


  • Video Editing
  • Imovie vs Premiere
  • Video Effects
  • Key Framing Objects in Time
  • Video Transitions

This first phase starts with modeling, size considerations, and output types. Next we focus on specific hardware output styles advantages, disadvantages, predictability. Continuing through to importing models and making ready of exporting in 3D printing. Finally we layout the bed for printing, consider time, and materials, prepare for finishing.

We offer classes on the many types of video format options available. We will learn about considerations for many common platforms including DVD, Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch broad casting solutions.  The first phase focuses on type of input devices and format of source video, archiving, sorting, story board and out put media. We can support basic training any any video editor but we use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for in house editing.  Training in video timeline transitions, importing images, to define effects and best practices use of video transitions.

Second we learn about broadcasting, streaming, and preparing video for upload.

Video streaming and format output course

  • OBS Setup
  • Video Repeater Setup
  • Live Broadcasting
  • YouTube Publishing
  • Twitch Publishing

In this course training …

The second course completes with output options for clean video and setup for broadcasting on Twitch or other live services. Covering streaming setup, file out put, watermarking and publishing.