PYOG’s TinkerGarden Adobe Photoshop Course – Location : New Orleans, LA

This course is on Adobe Photoshop image & photo editing tools.

Introduction to Photo Editing Tools


  • Program user interface
  • Resizing
  • Layering Images
  • Importing
  • Exporting
  • Manage image assets

This class will focus on the fundamentals of photo-editing and image creation in computer programs.  The course consists of 3 phases, the initial 3 classes focus on the program user interface, resizing, layering, importing, exporting and management of working and asset image files.


Second Phase Photoshop Training

Mid level to Photo Editing Tools

  • Main Tool Box
  • Selection tools
  • Masking
  • Color Management
  • Images Filtering
  • Merging Images
  • Advanced Effects
  • Exporting

The second set consists of 4 mid level classes with the focus on all of the tools to edit raster image data to create and merge images. The mid level classes start at the top of the tool-bar with selections, masking and advanced layers and move continue with the rest of the tools, menus, filtering, and effects and use. These classes to fully cover importing images, editing and export for correct size and format to enable the student with the skills to use Photoshop to create a broad range of images.


Third Phase Photoshop Training

Advanced level to Photo Editing Tools

  • Images for print
  • Editing Sequence of Images
  • Video Images
  • Exporting for the Web
  • Textures for 3D

The Final 3 photoshop courses focus on exporting for correct production of print media and additional media other than still images, continuing on 3D, Video and Web considerations. These advanced classed move into developing image assets to work inside other applications with specific requirements.