PYOG’s TinkerGarden Adobe Illustrator Training Course – Location : New Orleans, LA

This course is on Adobe Illustrator for vector design & image tracing tools.

Single Phase of Illustrator (vector design) Training

Introduction to use of Vector Tools

  • Why Vector
  • Color Model (CYMK / RGB)
  • Illustrator UI
  • Toolbox Walkthrough
  • Working with objects
  • Working with Layers
  • Importing Images
  • Converting and Tracing
  • Exporting for 3D
  • Exporting for Print

In this course training …

Initially we focus on the whys of vector design and where is the need. Next we step through the User interface, going item by item in the tool box and use. Continuing on through with working with objects, stroke, fill, cloning, object layering and overlapping layers.  Then we step through the truth about fonts and outlining, importing images and the available options, border, tracing, embedding. We look at filtering, effects, the trials of transparencies. Finally we end with export options and print considerations.