PYOG’s TinkerGarden – The Learning Gym

To build stronger muscles you go to a GYM work out the body, to develop mental skills you go to TinkerGarden to work out ideas.

Do you need to learn a new software package to become more productive at work? We can help

Have you ever been faced with a new computer program opens up on your computer screen  and you have no idea what this screen is and close it immediately? We fix that.

Do you have an idea for a great design or product and don’t know where to get started using the right software?  We can help.

We strive to bring an average or beginning user in to a proficient computer user productive producing their ideas. In print, social media, 3D games, and more.


Offering On Location classes in the Greater New Orleans area, Metairie, Kenner, at this time and online through Google Hangouts w/ screen-share.

Call or DM   504-517-4WEB

Get started today ! for questions send

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Come to TinkerGarden in New Orleans, LA to learn professional computer applications without the need to register for a school and meet strict schedules.  TinkerGarden strives to break that model of training for adults, we are the GYM of application training open & ready when you are.


Want to learn Photo-editing or advanced vector design, come on in. Want to learn how to edit video, for publishing YouTube or how to build 3D Games, we do that too. We offer a wide range of training options for adults to gain professional application skills quickly and concisely, in order to become productive right away.

Even if you just need a place to learn and practice Microsoft Word or Excel we offer a optional child care center complete with their own computer learning curriculum and Lego room to stimulate eager young minds too, while you attend classes.

Our onsite hands on support allow us to train and assist our users continue moving forward.

Why onsite training vs. online?

We have found while online classes provide powerful tools to self learners many users can becoming stuck and frustrated resulting in a user discontinuing their solo training or losing valuable time procrastinating to avoid the pain of trying to be productive in confusing computer programs. Videos offer some guide lines to get started but, can be come stale quickly  and sometimes is not exactly a match to what the user is viewing on their screen. Many times this is simply due to an updated version of software that may have changed a process and thus broke the video’s explained process, having a trainer right on hand, there is never a stopping point.

We also provide tested custom built state of the art 3D computer workstations built for production.

Print 3D objects and get performance training in today’s professional skills production applications & computer device use.

We offer many software training options and hardware devices solutions including :

Daily Classes & Full Courses


  • Building Websites & Maintenance
  • Microsoft Word Training
  • Microsoft Excel Training
  • Adobe Photoshop / Photo Editing Training
  • Game Development Course
  • 3D Modeling for Printing
  • 3D Modeling for Games
  • 3D Modeling VR


 Hardware Training and access Time scheduling available. 

  • 3d Scanning
  • Milling Instruction CNC machine language
  • 3D Printing
  • Textiles & Screen Printing
  • Large Format Printing
  • Plotting
  • Photo Printed Vinyl Wraps and Application
  • 3D Models & Simulations

schedule a class or check availability.

PYOG’s TinkerGarden – Training Services – Location : New Orleans, LA

TinkerGarden – Offers many On-site Training programs to meet our Students Education needs and to reach personal goals.

Many Classes Start at only $20 per 45min session

Call 504 – 517 – 4932 for more information.

On Location Classes

Monday – Saturday

Daily On Location Classes : 3:15PM – 10:00PM check availability here

Our Location is down for the moment all Hosted Classes & Labs on hold

Daily Classes : 6:15PM – 9:30PM Monday – Saturday

3D Lab Daily : 8:00AM – 4:30PM Monday  Saturday


  • Daily On Location Classes are only only $20 first hour $15 each additional (50% off regular price personal training, at your location included free !)

Computers available for on Location Training additional $10 per session.

  • Daily Classes without membership is only $25 per class.
  • Lab Fees without membership only  $30 per hour.
  • Personalized Software Training$75 per hour by appointment only.
  • Any Software Training  – $85 per hour, paid in advance, 2 week prior reservation.




  • Memberships – Cost is based on 8% gross individual’s annual income so the classes are financially accessible to all.
    ( min $80 up-to max $150 per month )
  • Annual Membership – payments receive a $50 Discount.
  • Youth Memberships 13 – 16 y/o – only $70 per month.

Memberships Includes

  • Includes access to all daily scheduled classes.
    (max 2 courses per week or 4 classes per week)
  • Includes access to our 3D Work-stations including hands on support.
    (max 6-hours per 24 hours.)
  • Full access to In-house Render Farm. (Max 300 frames per day @ 4k)
  • Full access to our Personalized Training on any course for
    only $50 per hour (by appointment recommended.)
  • Full access to all hardware time schedule if fully trained in device use
    (max 10 hours per month)

Access to Daily Classes

We offer many options for our users to find training in the skills they need to be productive in their goals. We offer 2 classes daily in both basic and advanced program techniques.  Our 6 weekly continuing courses go through our complete catalog of training and most requested. This allows most user  users to find a class set in the schedule to meet most needs.

Membership Access to Personalized Training

Additional we offer Personalized training at fixed rate $50 per class for members by appointment. These personalized training session may include practices exercise in order to progress.

Project Outline and Management

We also offer Exclusive management of projects, offering outlines, developing timetables and push work flow with student in order to generate a finalized project, or prototype within a time frame.