WE strive for an Up Front Pricing model

We are committed to empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to take action and we realize many decisions are based on the bottom line and budgeting. Therefor our active goal we offer many options at an up front stated expected cost. Additional we offer annual subscriptions services that include drastic discounts on overall baseline services.

Although we realize we can’t baseline every service there are some custom planning for projects that require additional unstated costs. All projects are an unknown based on previous projects completed similar projects. There are very specific outcomes for each businesses goals so options very.

We do strive to make our projects prices as upfront as possible and include all estimated costs upfront and itemized before work progresses. Our company is committed our clients growth and in the situation where we over estimate we reserve the option to refund, based on more client side input that results in quicker implementation.

Baseline Services Pricing


$ 50 per hour

Logo, Image editing, & Graphic creation

From client provided image assets, 2 revisions.

$ 45

Revisions after 2 x

$ 20

Website Basic Setup

Server hosting not included.

$ 50

Website hosting (Domain + Basic server)

$ 132 Annually

Online Marketing

Adverts managed online to develop leads. Includes single advert copy and image or video for use exclusively on our service of published promotion. Set campaigns with an estimated lead goals based on customer acquisition rates ($1000 / lead ), and monthly evaluations to reach peak goals. Individual actual cost of ads placed on ad platforms not included.

$ 1000 monthly

Video Production

Intro, Outro, or Transitional animation up to 10 second clips. From provided logo, fonts and assets.

$ 150 per hour

Video Production

Long form video editing of over 15 seconds. Episodic or video clipping, adding transitions, ads or edits to create story.

$ 100 per hour

3D Modeling

$ 100 per hour

Social Media & Programming Basics, & Technology Training

Available for Adult classes or individual training upon subject approval

$ 100 per hour

We are dedicated to youth empowerment, Students age 17 and younger, are qualified for reduced training pricing. Lower income students options also available at deeper discount to make equatable training an accessible to all.

$ 20 per hour

Programming Services

$ 200 per hour

On Site Studio Audio Recording

Located New Orleans, LA Private studio (by appointment only. 2 week advance notice on musician booking.)

$ 80 per hour

Additional $ 20 per instrument over 3

$ 100 per hire musician per hour

Annual Subscription

12 month support paid yearly.

$ 120 Annually


  • 1 hour consulting or support training per month retainer.
  • 50% Baseline Pricing Discount. (Excludes training services)

Custom Pricing

Advanced Website Creation

E-commerce, Social-Media, Store, Service, & API integration, Custom Plugins Architecture, Analytics or any other complex data management integrated into a new website.

Starts at $1000

Carbon Copy Website

Carbon copy sites are site the client has found that has all the functions and features the client decided they requires for their online service. The best effort is made to reverse engineer the subject site and provide equal perceived functionality and graphic style. The copy site is completely created from the ground up to reproduce look, feel and aesthetics and no actual use of another sites assets will be copied or used without permission.

Starts at $1200

Android App

Starts at $500

Android Game

Starts at $500

3D Simulation

Starts at $750

Interactive 3D environment

Starts at $1000