PYOG’s TinkerGarden – Team of Software Trainers

Michael “x” Selleck Designer / Developer

With over 20 years of experience, both commercial production and through endeavor. Developing a mastery of design software tools in order support international production needs in a global environment. Software developer with over 10 years building and support of commercial, public & social websites, databases, IOS applications and Virtual Reality game simulations on mobile devices. Additional versed in 3D modeling, animation techniques, machine languages to support a broad array of product concepts in production.


Lionel “Turtle”Martin

WordPress developer focusing on front end design, Facebook promotion, and system processes.  Keen eye on an engaging design.

Steven Farve

Production Foreman with decades of experience working with most major tools of production plotters, large format printing, color correction & matching, material consideration. Steve’s long career has been spent developing techniques for production tools to define consistency and quality of long production runs. Steve strives to produce the highest quality workmanship for clients while, reducing production costs. Life long photographer working in Photoshop, Vector Design, Screen Printing and Color Correction for over 20 years.