Tech Home – Wireless WiFi programmable Thermostat for warm floor heating

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Included in Box:
1. wireless programmable heating thermostat -PTC10;
2. wireless receiver-PTR10
3. mounting accessories
4. user manual

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Wireless digital thermo-regulator wifi thermostat with weekly programmable Thermostat for warm floor heating.

WiFi Thermostat’s Feature

  1. Control and program remotely via POER free App (connecting the unit with Internet by POER gateway), offer the programming maximum convenience and flexibility.
  2. Without connection to Internet, works as standard programmable thermostat, max. 7 time periods per day, 5+2 days/7 days/1 day independent programming for option.
  3. Wireless two-way communication between thermostat and receiver/gateway by RF.
  4. Auto, manual, holiday, ECO and override modes.
  5. Frost protection and Valve protection function
  6. Optimum Start functionality
  7. Memory holds user programs and clock even when power failed
  8. Indoor humidity sensor, display the humidity inside
  9. Large LCD display with backlight
  10. Battery powered with low battery indicator
  11. Wall Mounted or Desk Stand to make sure the best location
  12. Automatic Summer/Winter time change
  13. Child lock

  • Application Description:
1. The PTC10 is an easy-to-use wireless thermostat can be fit on any “wet” heating only system or system with electronic, gas, oil boiler. Suitable for installing new system or updating existed system.

2. Working together with Receiver PTR10, it not only wirelessly switch the heating system On and Off, also change and program the room temperature.

  • Receiver’s Feature:
    1. One receiver, two heating zones can be controlled
    2. Wireless two-way communication with thermostat by RF
    3. Override control by manual operation
    4. LEDs indicate zones’ working situation
    5. Wall mounted

    Product Data:
    wireless programmable heating thermostat -PTC10:

1. wireless programmable heating thermostat -PTC10:
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Control mode Heating system
Display LCD with backlight
Transmitting frequency 868 MHz(433 MHz-PTC10-433)  2 way
Communication Range(open space) 100 meters
Power supply 2 x AA alkaline batteries
Battery life Typically 2 years
Temperature setting range 7°C to 32°C (0.5°C step)
Temperature control accuracy +/-0.3°C
Measurement interval every minute
Frost protection temperature 5°C
Humidity range 10 to 90%RH
Humidity accuracy +/-5%RH
Time display 12 hour/24 hour
Dimensions (HxWxD) 117.2 x 87.2 x 26.6mm
IP class IP30
Standard CE
Weight 211g with battery
2. wireless receiver-PTR10
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Transmitting frequency 868 MHz(433 MHz-PTR10-433)  2 way
Communication Range(open space) 100 meters
Power 2W
Power supply 100VAC~240VAC, 50Hz
Switch rating 240VAC 50Hz, 5A resistive, 2A inductive
Switch Type SPDT relay
Dimensions (HxWxD) 98.3x 98.3 x 31.3mm
IP class IP30
Standard CE
Weight 145g


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