Welcome to Tech Home where we help you build an automated lifestyle

TECH HOME Offers training, supplies, and much more to help get you lifestyle automated.

We offer training, tools, and products to build the connected lifestyle, for home automation, surveillance, lighting, and the assortment of the Internet of things. Find everyday deals on tomorrows technology or locate resources for today’s Home automation, virtual assistant, and control products.








About Us

We love tech and the rapid evolution to simplify our daily chores. While the  automated home is the future of connivence. Automated lighting systems, voice activated commands, and augmented control offers limitless possibilities to the ability for our home to automate tasks.

As two striving entrepreneurs Bob and Mike started Tech Home as a place for others to find quality supplies for the do it yourself-er (DIY) who wants to use all technologies available to automate tasks, monitor and protect their home. We offer many hard to find items to complete or accent your future home projects.

Proudly operated and providing jobs in New Orleans. 
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